Regulations, Tips and Recommendations for Visitors

For a visit without mishaps it is recommended to read the tips and regulations for the visit of the Monumental complex

More information

  • Admission

    Rules governing admission to the Alhambra and the behaviour of visitors.

  • Regulations

    Any breach of these rules will result in the person concerned being expelled from the Alhambra with no refund of the ticket price.

  • Breach of the Regulations

    In order to ensure a problem-free visit we recommend that you read these basic rules about admission to the Monument carefully.

  • Please, pay attention to the information presented here and at different spots presented along the way of the recommended tours by means of signs, touch screens, Bluetooth connection, information points, reading areas, Web site, etc.
  • Visitors are recommended to schedule their visit according to the disposable time, prioritizing the different places to visit depending on their personal interest and, therefore, avoiding excessive weariness.
  • There are four main places to visit: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Partal and Generalife. You should bear in mind that there is a specific time to access to the Nasrid Palaces, printed specifically on each admission ticket, when deciding the order of these places to visit. After this specific time you will have no access to the palaces.
  • Since the average visit time is around three hours, we recommend visitors to have a rest of fifteen minutes at the exit of the Nasrid Palaces, where there is a rest area in the Partal gardens.
  • After the visit to the Generalife, visitors are recommended to have another rest in the installed area at the exit of the Palace, since this area is a little distant from the General Exit as well as from the entrances of the other three places to visit.
  • Visitors are recommended to use appropriate and comfortable footwear, as well as sun protection in summertime.
  • In order to visit the Monumental complex pay attention to the hour printed on your admission ticket. It is important that you observe this schedule, since this is the time to visit the area of the Nasrid Palaces. The rest of the rooms of the complex have a free schedule.
  • Visitors are recommended to arrive with enough time in advance, given the large number of visitors to the Monument  especially at weekends.
  • Visitors who already have tickets are advised to enter the grounds, it is recommended to visit by the Gate of Justice.
  • If you have to exchange your admission tickets in the entrance pavilion, plan your visit considering the time assigned to visit the Nasrid palaces and visit the rest of the complex later: Fortress, Palace of Charles V and the Generalife.