The Promenade of the Towers

The function of this tower was for defense of the gate Puerta del Arrabal and it owes his name to the projecting elements in the upper floor in the shape of cantilevers.

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The Tower of the Pointed Embattlements

Built in the late 13th or early 14th Century, This tower is known by this name thanks to the elements in the shape of cantilevers that stand out in the outside border of the upper floor. As from overhanging balconies, it was possible to totally control, from above, the tower walls and the ground floor on its feet.

The Tower of the Pointed Embattlements was used to defend one of the gates of the fortress that guarded the Generalife. This access way leaded to the gate known as Puerta del Arrabal, from where the guards’ barracks were reached. Its interior consists of three main bodies that form a strange yet remarkable arrangement that inspired Washington Irving to write about the rich and powerful Jew, Almamen, who took shelter there while he conceived a plan to wreak vengeance upon the villain who had ravished his daughter.