The Promenade of the Towers

The function of this tower was for defense of the gate Puerta del Arrabal and it owes his name to the projecting elements in the upper floor in the shape of cantilevers.

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The Tower of the Pointed Embattlements

The denomination arises from its location next to the aqueduct taking water to the Alhambra from the Generalife, channelled from the River Darro. It is one of the largest sized towers in the Alhambra, situated in the south-western angle of the wall near the present main entrance into the precincts.  Because of the artillery bombarding from Napoleon’s army it was totally destroyed, except for the solid foundations.  A process of reconstruction, elevating the exterior walls, was carried out during the 20th century. The original tower had three stories without any decoration, due to being a military building, located in an essential place for the palatine city, next to the "Al Saqilla al-Sultan" the sultan’s irrigation channel and principal artery of the Alhambra, the seed of all life on Sabika’s hill.