Restoration Workshops

Plasterwork and tiling upkeep constitute the main priority of the restoration action activities conducted in the Alhambra.

Other workshops

The Plasterwork, Ceramics, Glass and Wall Painting Restoration Shop

The interventional action activities conducted on plasterwork and tiles have long been of the outmost importance in the Alhambra, where some of the most beautiful examples of Spanish-Moorish art anywhere are found.

Glass work, plastering and tiling were essential architectural and decorative elements in the Alhambra. Similarly, the conservation work done on wall paintings is a particularly delicate matter owing to the fact that they are only found in some of rooms of the Alhambra.

The conservation and restoration interventional action activities vary in accordance with the materials under analysis:

  • Plasterwork. the restoration and conservation interventional action activities focus on such operations as surface cleaning, materials consolidation, and colour reintegration of the plastering works in the Monument itself and well-preserved fragments exhibited in the Museum.    
  • Ceramics. Depending on whether they are tile or ceramic museum pieces, the interventional action activities consist in such functions as mechanical and chemical cleaning treatments, volumetric and colour integrations, insulation and impermeabilizing.  
  • Glass. The activities centre on glass pieces that are exhibited in the Museum and involve, among other actions,  their cleaning, repairing and dying, as well as analysis of materials, and manufacturing techniques.
  • Wall painting. The interventional activities consist in such operations as painting, adapting, repairing, painting strata cleaning; material and colour reintegration, using preventive conservation techniques, and analysis of the damage caused by the atmospheric conditions and tourist population fluctuations.


The shop has a laboratory where the analytical data obtained in the analysis of the materials are recorded and their patterns stored in order to generate a database that enhances the development of comparison analyses and corresponding chronological data


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