Restoration Workshops

The paper documents and book binding restoration shop was created to meet the need for preserving this particular heritage.

Other workshops

The Paper Documents and Book Binding Restoration Shop

The preservation of the documental and bibliographic heritage of the Alhambra involves activities of document cataloguing and data recording, as well as curtailing the deterioration of the materials in the archive and the library of the Monument.

The paper documents and book binding restoration shop is dedicated to the preservation of historic and artistic documents, thus guaranteeing in the best way possible the future use of this heritage.

The main tasks carried out in the workshop are:

  • Restoration of paper, parchment, graphical works, etc, kept in the Archive and Library of the Alhambra, as well as treatment for, and taking preventive measures against, damage caused by biotic agents
  • Analysis and improvement of documental damage preventive conservation practices
  • Protection of the documental and bibliographic heritage items to be exhibited, stored or shipped
  • Training. Annual call for work study grant applicants


As for paper, treatment varies depending on the conservation conditions of the document. Activities include disinfection, fixing of the base material, dry cleaning, stain and spot treatment, deacidification, stripping and scratching treatment.

Book binding restoration requires highly qualified personnel trained in handcraft binding and knowledgable of the various kinds of binding (leather, cloth, etc) and box and case designs for the protection of the items.