The Promenade of the Towers

Structurally identical to the palaces on the premises, it is a good example of Nasrid decorative style.

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The Captive’s Tower

The Captive’s Tower is one of the most outstanding representations of the Nasrid decorative style. The site is in fact a tower-palace. Its structure and layout are similar to those of the houses and palaces on the premises.

The L-shaped entrance leads to the court, with columned arches.  The entrance arch, the threshold of which has various restored metal plates, precedes the main room, which is square in shape, with exterior mullioned windows in the small bedrooms.   

Along with the Throne Room in the Palace of Comares, the Captive’s Tower  is the most decoratively complete site in the Alhambra. In fact, like the former site, the latter was built by Yusuf I, during one of the Nasrid Art periods of splendour.

The layout for towers like this one is similar to that of any dwelling, with its upper floor and terrace that accessed through an L-shaped entrance.