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RenEU, New Renaissance in Europe is a project with the following main objectives

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RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe

RenEU, New Renaissance in Europe is a project with the following main objectives:

  • Restructure the debate about the Renaissance in Europe, highlighting its European character and reinterpreting the role and importance of the different territories of the EU in the development of the key concepts that characterize our culture.
  • Encourage a broad-based reflection in the EU regarding the propagation of a new era or “New Renaissance”, as a cultural process involving the whole continent.
  • Set up cultural itineraries.
  • Facilitate intercultural dialogue between European citizens 
  • Create an awareness about our shared European past which promotes reflection and debate within the EU regarding the dimension of the Renaissance as a key phenomenon in the formation of the Europe we know today.


The RenEU project is structured into the following three phases:

  • 1. Strengthening of the European dimension.
  • 2. Development of cultural itineraries in participating countries.
  • 3. Joining the itineraries together to create an integrated European itinerary which acts as an “interconnected network of interdisciplinary cultural experiences”.


This project is co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency within the framework of the Culture 2007-2013 programme, and led by the Tuscany region in Italy. It is jointly organized by the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife, the Villa Decius Association (Poland), Setepes (Portugal) and the National Museum of the Renaissance (France).



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