Restoration of the Roofs and Ceiling-Frames of the Oratory of the Partal Palace and of the House of Astasio de Bracamonte

They include the required conservation strategies adapted to the cultural context of the Alhambra.

Other restorations

Polychrome Decoration

Frieze (Arrocabe)

Frieze with layer of brown paint covering original decoration.

The frieze is covered on all four sides with a thick layer of brown paint. This paint has only been applied on the high parts of the carving in relief, while the sunken background is yellow in the spandrels, red on the inside of the cusped arches and red on the flowered ribbon motif at the top of the decoration.

Under the brown paint there is a thick layer of powdery white paint, which accumulates in the corners of the carving, blurring its edges. Under this layer there are small traces of polychrome, above all blue and red, with white lines; red on the inside of the incisions in the pine-cone motifs and oblique planes and blue in the areas that most stand out.

his coloured paintwork, of which few traces remain, was itself applied on top of another layer of yellow paint with a resinous, metallic appearance. Analysis showed that this was orpiment with traces of lacquer, a mixture that was commonly used as a preparation or base.


Roof sides (faldones) and central panel (almizate)

There are few traces of polychrome on the wood-panelling. Previous cleaning work probably wore away the most accessible coloured paintwork. Today the only remains of plant-motif decorations can be found near the angles with the rafters and support planks (peinazos) combining tones of red, white and black.

The chillas gallonadas (carved boards with segment-shaped decorations) are decorative features on the central panel with slightly different-coloured polychrome. There are traces of yellow or metallic sheet inside the carved segmented flowers, which are surrounded by a decoration with a red background with black ribbons finished with white dots. At the tips of the eight-pointed stars there are traces of black paint on a red background.