Discovering 50 new treasures of spain´s geography

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Discovering 50 new treasures of spain´s geography

The impressive remains of Roman Hispania, the glories of Al-Andalus, mediaeval Gothic architecture and nineteenth-century Catalan modernism are just some examples of the wonders you will come across while travelling around Spain. From today, thanks to Google’s Street View technology, visitors from all over the world can enjoy a 360º tour of 50 different places in Spain, which can be accessed through Google Maps.

Virtual tourists will be able to examine every corner of the Alhambra and the Generalife, stroll around the Tower of Hercules, lose themselves in the red sands of Las Médulas de León or even spend hours admiring the amazing crypt of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. 

Thanks to this new virtual collection, in a single day you can visit places as diverse as the Bardenas Natural Park (a most unusual desert-like landscape in the southeast of Navarra), the Spanish Parliament (a neoclassical building guarded by two bronze lions, designed by the architect Narciso Pascual y Colomer), the Cathedral of León (famous for marking the beginning of the dematerialization of Gothic art in the thirteenth century when walls were replaced with coloured stained glass) or the small mediaeval town of Albarracín, once an independent fiefdom which for centuries has been surrounded by walls that still protect its curious history.