Museum in Honour of Angel Barrios

The collection, donated by Ángel Barrios’ heirs, includes drawings, paintings, watercolors, scores and correspondence of the composer.


The Museum in Honour of Ángel Barrios is a collection that gathers musical equipment, instruments, drawings, paintings, watercolors, scores and correspondence dedicated by different authors to this important musician and composer born in Granada, who passed away in 1964, and to the figure of his father, Antonio Barrios "the Polinario", one of last "cicerones" of the Alhambra of the early 20th century, in whose now disappeared tavern, located where today is the Museum, met intellectuals and artists of the time.

Figures like Ravel, Strauss, Fala, García Lorca, the brothers Machado, Zuloaga, Rusiñol and a long list of others left their testimony . The collection is completed with photographs and personal objects from the Barrios family.

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