Did you know that the Casas de la Mimbre were built in the 16th century?


The Marquis of Cerralvo, Governor of Granada, ordered the building of the Casas de la Mimbre in 1550. The houses were owned by the Marquis of Campotéjar until 1921 and came into the hands of the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife in 1925.
The Casas de la Mimbre have had many names over the centuries being variously known as Casa de Colonos, Casa de las Huertas, Casa de la Huerta de Fuentepeña, before in the 20th century they were renamed as the Casas de la Mimbre, after the old tavern once situated nearby.
The curiosities on display in this space include the coat of arms of the García-Venegas, usufructs of the Generalife from the 16th century until 1921, which can be seen above the entrance to the building.

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