Did you know that a beautiful poem by Ibn Zamrak appears on three panels around the right-hand niche of the muqarna entrance arch between the Court of the Myrtles and the Hall of the Ship?


When you enter the Hall of the Ship from the Court of the Myrtles, you walk under a grand muqarna arch which rises above small marble tacas (niches) that contained water-vessels.

Right-hand niche    


I am beautiful and perfect,
The chair in which the bride is displayed.

Look at the jug and you will know
The truth of what I say.

Then, look at my crown
And what a half-moon you will see.

That Ibn Nasr, bright
And handsome son of the kingdom,

In such a high position shall remain
Safe from the twilight hour.


This beautiful poem by Ibn Zamrak, carved out in white marble on three panels that surround the right-hand taca was hidden by the dirt that had accumulated over the centuries. It was also damaged by human action and a number of unfortunate events such as the fire in the Hall of the Ship in 1890, which caused numerous losses and obscured the vivid colours with which the Nasrid craftsmen had enriched the poem.