Did you know that previously unknown decorative motifs in wood have appeared in the Alhambra in the form of eleven pointed stars?


The Alhambra always has surprises up its sleeves. During recent restoration work on the East Pavilion of the Court of the Lions, the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife’s Conservation Department discovered motifs with eleven pointed stars. This is unusual in that these star-designs normally had an even number of points. Apparently, the Nasrid craftsmen used this technique to adapt to the rare semi-circular shape of the dome, which dates from 1380. So far no other ceilings of this kind have been found. The peculiar shape of the dome is accompanied by the use of unusual zafates (long planks), which had a very strange, irregular shape. The importance of this discovery lies in the fact that it reveals a different way of working of the Nasrid craftsmen and the decorative techniques they used.