Did you know that one of the most severely y altered areas in the Alhambra is the area known as el secano?


The highest part of the Medina of the Alhambra was severely altered by its new Christian occupants after the conquest in 1492. Several centuries later in 1812 after the occupying Napoleonic troops had retreated from the Alhambra after subjecting it to considerable artillery bombardment, this area was abandoned and became a wasteland, which in modern times has become known as "el Secano" (dry or unirrigated land).

In the mid 20th century an archaeological project involving the removal of rubble and the consolidation of this whole area was begun. This was completed in the 1960s with the design of a pleasant path through gardens, which today serves as a link to the Generalife estate.


The Alhambra is currently conducting various archaeological excavations in this area.