Did you know that there are a dozen dungeons in the Alhambra?


There are loads of dungeons (at least twelve) in the Alhambra.  Several of these were discovered in the Alcazaba, two of which are situated under its main towers (Torre del Homenaje and Torre de la Vela).  A third can be seen at the base of the Torre Quebrada (Broken Tower). This dungeon is essentially a large hole in the ground, protected by a brick rimmed edge and a metal grille.  A spiral staircase was built nearby in the 1930s to make it easier to get in and out of the dungeon. This is perhaps the most interesting of those surviving, due to its structure and other remains.

The dungeons were used to hold captive prisoners, who were let down into them on ropes through the main hole in the centre.  In general they were shaped like a bottleneck and most of those in the Alhambra were literally dug out of the ground. Inside they had small niches built around a circular central area and separated by brick partitions where the prisoners could lie down on separate makeshift beds.