Did you know that… the Alhambra and the Generalife produce over 50,000 flower plants a year for their gardens.


Keeping the gardens in a state of exuberant beauty all year round requires a huge effort on the part of our gardeners. A little-known but surprising fact is that our gardens require more than 80,000 flower plants a year. For this reason, the Gardens, Woods and Vegetable-Gardens Department has two seed-beds in constant production whose job is to cover a large part of these requirements. Perhaps we should also point out that the seeds we use also come from our gardens, and are collected by the gardeners themselves at the best time of the year for this job, normally during the autumn, although this varies from one species to the next. The seeds are selected, cleaned, recorded and stored on a continuous basis. In this way not only do we save large sums of money in the purchase of plants, but we also guarantee the conservation of the phenoptic characteristics (in other words their aesthetic appearance) and the genetics of the species that have been successfully cultivated here for many years. In fact we have a number of varieties and cultivars of plants that are no longer grown in nurseries, which means that the gardens of the Alhambra and the Generalife are now a small genetic reservoir of enormous cultural and gardening interest.