Did you know that it is now 92 years since the inauguration of the sculpture-tribute to Ángel Ganivet in the Alhambra Wood erected by the sculptor Juan Cristóbal?


It is the 92nd anniversary of the inauguration of the sculpture carved by the Almeria artist Juan Cristóbal (1898-1961) as a tribute to Ángel Ganivet, a famous writer and diplomat from Granada. The idea for the sculpture was first put forward in 1908, 10 years after his death by a group of young people from the Artistic Centre of Granada led by Melchor Fernández Almagro and it was finally inaugurated on 3 October 1921 at the Fuente del Tomate, on the main path through the Alhambra Wood.
The sculpture comprises a fountain in the centre of which there is a sculpture representing a male nude holding the horns of a billy goat. The waterspout for the fountain, located in the mouth of the animal figure, shoots a jet of water into a rectangular pond built on a stepped stone base and a sheet of bronze. Behind this composition there is a pillar on top of which there is a stone bust of the intellectual from Granada.

To coincide with the exhibition entitled Juan Cristóbal -.Sculptor (1898-1961), the Conservation Department of the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife has restored the sculpture after detecting various problems such as changes in colour, the build-up of mud and other products and a carbonated crust in the areas most exposed to damp. Visitors to the exhibition will discover the man behind the Monument to Ganivet, an outstanding work which everyone knows, and will be able to delve into the memory of the artist and his era.