Did you know that wood is an essential feature of the architecture of the Alhambra?


Wood is an essential feature of the architecture of the Alhambra. It is used to hold up the ceilings with ceiling frames in parhilera or par y nudillo formation, and is part of intersecting systems that support floors in which wood comes in the form of large beams, struts and paneling, etc., in most cases made of pine. 

In addition according to the Official Guide to the Alhambra, it can also be found in apparently more modest features such as lattice-screens and windows, and also in more spectacular items because of their size, such as the great wooden doors on the Gate of Justice, the Gate of Arms, the Gate of the Arrabal, the Gate of the Seven Floors, and also in beautiful interior doors such as in the Hall of the Boat, the Hall of the Aleyas, the Hall of the Two Sisters and in what may well be considered the finest example of Nasrid woodwork: the ceiling of the Throne-Room in the Palace of Comares.