Did you know that the Christian Kings displayed their style and symbols in the areas they inhabited in the Alhambra?


When the Christian Kings took over the Alhambra, they decided to conserve the palaces, decoration and symbols left behind by their predecessors, the Nasrid dynasty, but they also wanted to leave their mark on the areas they used. While a grand palace was being built for the Emperor Charles V, a more modest residence was fitted out for him in the gardens of the Islamic palaces. In these rooms we find a number of decorative features typical of Christian culture such as the marble coat of arms above the large fireplace, an architectural feature that did not exist in the Nasrid Alhambra.  The coat of arms includes all of the Emperor’s symbols, the mythological Pillars of Hercules, which marked the Ends of the Earth in ancient times, the slogan "Plus Ultra" ("beyond"), the two-headed Eagle of the Habsburgs, the symbol of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Imperial Crown.