Cuadernos de la Alhambra

Other periodic publications

Publication that represents the scientific spirit of concern, already constituted as a referent in the field of research and heritage dissemination.

The publication has lived three phases that are physically reflected in the changes of design and format. The first one corresponds with the issues numbered from 1 to 20. Another one includes issues 21 to 40. And the last phase begins from number 41.

Cuadernos was the materialisation of the enterprising effort of several people closely related to the Alhambra and the University of Granada: Manuel Gómez-Moreno Martínez (1870-1970), Leopoldo Torres Balbás (1888-1960), Emilio García Gómez (1905-1995), José Manuel Pita Andrade, who would be the first director of the magazine, Jesús

Bermúdez Pareja (1908-1986), Darío Cabanelas Rodríguez (1916-1992) and Emilio Orozco Díaz (1909-1987).

Until issue n. 40 the section “Crónica” was included as a record of the balance of the annual actions of the Institution.

Issue number 41, special publication commemorative of the 40th anniversary of the appearance of the magazine, involved a milestone in the publication, including the Spanish - English bilingual edition and a CD-ROM with the indices of all the numbers.

ISSN 0590-1987

Issues n. 1 to 14-18. : 8’29€ ; Issues n. 15-17-19-20. : 10’98€

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