The Website of the Council and the Alhambra and the Generalife is accesible for everybody

The portal of the Council of the Alhambra and the Generalife permits EVERYONE, regardless of their possible physical or technical limitations, to have access to its contents and services. That is, its objective is centered on a Universal Access to the Web in compliance with the guidelines of 1.2 accessibility WAI level AA, established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Measures taken

  • The elements appear in a logical order.
  • Images appear with alternative descriptive texts.
  • Alternatives have been provided for those internet navigators that do not allow Javascript.
  • All the tables contain the necessary code so that they can be read on line and interpreted correctly.
  • Simplified navigation system by means of "breadcrumbs".
  • Use of W3C standards:
    • XHTML Strict and CSS 2.1
    • Accessibility Guidelines for the Web Content ( WCAG level AA)
  • Access through shortcuts to the main options.


Keyboard shortcuts

In order to facilitate the navigation of those users who use keys as navigation, the following combinations are provided, as a shortcut, to access the main options of the site.

  • Key 0: Accessibility help
  • Key 1: Home page
  • Key 2: Know the Alhambra
  • Key 3: How to visit the Alhambra
  • Key 4: The Department of Conservation
  • Key 5:  Department of Research
  • Key 6: Dissemination department
  • Key 7: Department of Education
  • Key 8: Communication Department
  • Key 9: Council of the Alhambra


The use of the keyboard depends on the navigator. The most frequent navigators use the following combinations of keys:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + letter + ENTER
  • Netscape: ALT + shortcut
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + shortcut